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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Perhaps There Is A Scrapbook In Heaven...

There will be over a thousand people out at the Grimes County Expo Center (the fairgrounds) this weekend celebrating Mance Lipscomb and the blues music he loved and made famous. He enjoys a great deal more popularity now than he did when he was available to play in person for ranch barbeques. He developed a unique style, where he played bass, rhythm and lead all at once, and it is said that he knew over three hundred songs, of all kinds. His legacy was lasting because he kept on playing when only a few were listening. Thanks to Strachwitz and McCormick, who packaged and unveiled him to the world. And Thanks Mance, for teaching us what Faith looks like.

This photo and others you will be seeing have recently been discovered, never before published. The love and talent that went into making these photographs betray a great deal of respect and reverence for Mance Lipscomb. Found in a box in a garage sale in Bryan, they may be the most beautiful portraits ever made of a Texas bluesman. Providentially, the fellow who found them knew who to bring them to! Yes, copies are available.

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