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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Let's propose a new paradigm, one that we can all live with: Let everyone learn to live within their own means, without expecting to encroach on the rights or property of others...
Bluebells, the namesake for your favorite ice cream, still survive in the rolling hills of Grimes County, but the scars of civilization are just beginning...
Stop the Madness!

Houston: A half-Century of unchecked expansion

Citizens of Grimes and nearby counties are once again threatened by wild government schemes and unconstitutional forfeiture of their property. FOUR major projects are planned to accommodate the needs of the Houston area while our rights and convenience are thrown under the bus, and in the exchange, toll roads will replace our Farm to Market roads, while a monumentally expensive and UNPROVEN high-speed rail system and two electricity transmission lines destroy our environment in order to serve others.

This recurring nightmare began decades ago, when reasonable citizens gradually abandoned the “concrete jungle” in Houston and sought safety, serenity and a better life. Then just a hungry little gator, Houston, Texas was already the seventh largest city in the United States, striving to be the energy capital of the world. Seeing the trend of a perpetual attack on our quality of life, my family and many others relocated to Grimes County, which was a comfortable distance from the relentless urban sprawl of Harris County.  Anointed by LBJ as “Space City,” the Houston Metropolitan Area continued to expand like a heartless lava flow all the way to the extremes of Harris County and beyond.  We fled, and found temporary refuge, but we knew this day would probably come.

Now the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston has blossomed into the Great Shop of Horrors, an insatiable overgrown parasite who, like the cute little plant in The Little Shop of Horrors, one day looked down on its keeper and demanded, “FEED ME!”

A stomach with no conscience, it lives to serve itself, and being so powerful, it does not have to explain itself. We must feed it, or it will make us sorry. The Houston Shop of Horrors must have water. Lots of it. It must have energy. Lots of it. It must have convenience… as much as it can make for itself. And like many rotten and untrainable pets, it MUST have a disgusting potty-box to deposit all of its excrement. It looks to anyone and everyone outside of its perimeters to fill these constant needs.

Unfortunately, Harris County cannot support its unmanageable shop of horrors. It looks to its weaker neighbors to supply the oceans of water, the megawatts of energy, the miles of convenient access, and the vast garbage dumps, whatever necessary for its survival.  In blind revenge it routinely takes what it wants from those who wisely fled from its clutches. And it will continue to do so until the cows can no longer come home. The high speed rails, the toll roads, and the utility lines that feed this selfish monster will continue to butcher and choke the surrounding countryside until the cows will be totally landlocked; their owner’s farms invaded, confiscated, divided and violated to serve the “greater good”; the “Greater Houston Metropolitan Area,” that is.  It is time to stop the madness.

It is time for the people, and especially the governments of the various counties who neighbor with this conscienceless leviathan to stand up and unite and work together to limit the damage Houston and its champions would do to us in the name of “progress.”

In the path of possible destruction: Beautiful high ground on HWY 90 between Anderson and Navasota- I have dubbed Holland Pass, above the bottoms of Holland Creek. Tapley Holland was one of the heroes martyred at the Alamo.

More than land at stake.

Grimes County is one of the last jewels of Texas country life, the veritable “Cradle of Texas Independence,” land purchased with blood shed at the Alamo, tragically nestled under the treacherous shadow of an expansive monster that knows no limits to its mindless appetite. It is time to fight this enemy of OUR greater good with everything we have got, and stop the tide of ugly, inefficient suburban sprawl. Houston plans to cut up Grimes County like a cheap side of beef. It does not know or care the price of the land, the irreversible damage to it, the value of our lifestyle, or the fate of our irreplaceable heritage which it would slice and pave.

Houston does not know it, but it needs us just as we are. We are an enclave of beauty and serenity, and we have inadvertently become the stewards of its forgotten soul, the keepers of the flame that has inspired the whole world since the Battle of San Jacinto, wisely masterminded by none other than Sam Houston.  
Jesse Grimes was an early pioneer, friend of Sam Houston and signor of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

I grew up in Houston. But I never felt and loved and relived its history until I was able to get far from it and experience the land as the pioneers did here in Grimes County. When my family came here, we were enthralled by this wonderful time-capsule that had saved the buildings, the fences, the roads and bridges, and the very lands as the early Texians had seen and worked them. It shaped my character, my life, and my art. You might label me a poet or an idealist, but few souls like me are ever spawned between the dark, dangerous fast-lanes of the city. My imagination took root and prospered as I discovered pristine woodlands and breathtaking vistas in the local landscape. So near to Houston, and yet a world away.  I feel so fortunate to have escaped the house of horrors.

A winnable strategy

We all remember past struggles to kill other impositions by outside governments. We have won some and lost some. But some of us learned the game when we successfully fought Governor Rick Perry’s Spanish Imposition, the grandiose “Trans- Texas Corridor,” and will fight this battle as well. And we will do it for future Texans whom we know will need and cherish the inspiration and serenity of the Texas heartland as we do.  We will do it for the wildlife, once nearly exterminated, now flourishing. Yes, we will do it for the cows and their owners. And we will do it for those that went before, buried and resting in this soil, who faithfully farmed parched cotton land, built fieldstone villages and churches, and wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence and those famous blues songs from the Brazos Valley…  In the process, they wrote their fierce spirit into our hearts.

Joining hands with the American Stewards of Liberty Alliance, an organization experienced in these battles for land owner’s rights, we can beat the Houston overreach with public awareness and Texas Law… if we can afford the lawyers. Every community must organize to create a formidable gamut of legal red-tape, insurmountable for mercenary bureaucrats, who are required BY LAW to COOPERATE WITH EVERY LOCAL INTETY. At every turn we will shame them. This is one way we derailed the Trans Texas Corridor.

Sam Houston, the namesake of the City, would be ashamed of its present reality, so narcissistic and insulting to its neighbors. He once served as our President and lived here in our neighborhood, just across the river, in the frontier capital of the Republic of Texas. Houston was baptized in a creek over in Washington County, and that faith he attained gave him the courage to stand against the enormous tide of Secession and the subsequent War Between the States. He taught us something about fighting for right, the value of this land, its worthiness for personal sacrifice.  He won Texas for all of us, against all odds, by a military miracle, and more accurately the Grace of God.  We will fight these urban Huns for him too.

You may never before have had a chance to live and act and feel like a real, old-time TEXIAN. Here is your opportunity. In fact, this struggle is exactly like the Texas Revolution, where a powerful and ruthless government used and abused the citizens at its fringe to enjoy unjust benefits at their expense.

Houston is the Mexican Army, looting and taking at will, granting no quarter, intolerant and all-powerful. But this will be no “Runaway Scrape.” 

Please get involved and help turn the tide of injustice and the institutional violation of land owner’s rights, and join the fight for a virgin wilderness, inhabited by wild cats and eagles, and people who foster them. Join this fight or see our Texas heartland finally and forever rolled over like a stinking Chicago parking lot. Join the fight or live with the shame that you did nothing in a time of distress while good men struggled for our way of life.

Look at any map of Texas. It has already been carved and bastardized enough. Help us stop this madness, this relentless expansion with no end, which has no inspiration but greed and convenience. Texas is being changed forever by raptors who would trade our quality of life for speed, profit, and no small amount of personal gain. Remember the quaint old rice town Katy? Remember Alvin, once the garden land of Texas? Remember the stately Imperial Sugar plant Sugarland! Remember the stately trade oaks at the crossroads of Tomball! Remember the virgin forests of Conroe? Rural serenity is long gone at those hapless doormats for Houston.  We are next.

ENOUGH ALREADY!  HOUSTON IS BIG ENOUGH. Really! We must band together and force the great house of horrors in Harris County to accommodate itself; to build its own infrastructure in order to feed and sustain itself; to supply its own water, its own garbage dumps, its own energy, and to limit its impositions on its neighbors. Houston’s appetite will always be insatiable as long as others provide the sacrifice at its alter.

Besides, we are now full of people and opportunities ourselves. We all chose our beds, and now we must sleep in them.  That would be true social justice. Maybe then, if Houston has to curtail its own rapaciousness, if it is raping itself, it will begin to check its own expansion. Only then will it no longer require so much from those on its fringe, those of us wise enough not to participate in, or inhabit its hopeless system.

Remember the ALAMO!

CONTACT your elected representatives! Many assume that nobody is paying attention and have their heads in the sand… and are waiting for the political winds to blow… So BLOW! Here are your bullets:

Specifically, we are fighting:

1)    The Proposed Dallas to Houston High Speed Rail- This will be a political battle. We call it properly JAPANESE High Speed Rail, as they will be the only folks who will get any advantages out of building this… (no benefits to us, only gutting of property values, community sacrifice and transportation inconvenience) The California High Speed Rail system just went bankrupt… was 68 BILLION underfunded, will have to be taken over by the Feds… Contact Kevin Brady , 301 Cannon Building, Washington D. C. 20515!

2)    The Proposed “Brazos Valley Connection” 345 KV Transmission Line which is to stretch from Harris County through Waller County to Grimes County... Both of these lines offer only sacrifice, inconvenience and decimation of property values.

3)    The Proposed “Cross Texas Transmission” 345 KV Line which will run from Grimes County up to Limestone County… transecting Madison, Brazos, Robertson, Leon and Freestone  Counties. These two transmission lines are our biggest hurdles, both will require a legal battle costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Landowners must dig deep in their pockets or this may not be stalled in time.

4)    The State Highway 249 Toll Road (from FM 1774 to SH105, local authorities have withdrawn their support of this incursion). Once again, no benefits locally, only decimated property values, sacrifice and inconvenience. “Toll Roads are the new [Public] Utility,” said OUR FORMER State Rep., Lois Kolkhorst with regret in March of 2013 (now elected State Senator in another district) and publicly stated that this 249 Toll Road was a “boondoggle” and that she was against toll roads and anticipated that surpluses in future budgets, “rainy day funds” etc. could take up the slack in building our rural highways.

Learn more about all of this at www.communityupdate.org

If you want to get involved, contact: grimescitizenadvisorygroup@ gmail.com

If you want to get the play-by-play, then “FRIEND” GCAG on Facebook;  SEARCH FOR GRIMES CITIZEN ADVISORY GROUP.

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