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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Excuses... and Surprises!

Yes, if you monitor this blog you may have surmised that I fell off of the face of the earth. Technology issues got me off of the grid for awhile... and then I have been POSSESSED with the art of film making the past month or so. I ask you to check out my short films... listed below, and tell me what you think.

I have combined my love of history, photography and my daughter Raegan's fabulous original songs to create six "digital stories."

Here are the titles and the links... 

UNDELIVERED: A Valentine for Joan of Arc: A look at Joan of Arc and her relationship with the Duke of Orleans,  the man behind the scenes during the short military career of Jehanne D'Arc. Featuring Raegan's song "Riot."

TEMPLAR: A love song by Raegan about a Knight Templar and the lass who loves him...

Take It Back: A saucy song by Raegan and a saucy story about the feud between the Governors Ferguson and Ranger Frank Hamer... and Bonnie and Clyde, who brought them together!

Rachel's Unspeakable Saga: The story of the captives taken by Comanches from Fort Parker and their battle for survival. The story worked well interwoven with Raegan's "A Song About Zombies"!

The Pathfinders: George W. Durant, The Father of Alvin: Soldier, Inventor, nurseryman... The life of my great-great grandfather encapsulated. Raegan's "PIONEER" fit it like a glove, even though her song is about something else entirely.

Having lots of fun- And there is more to come!

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