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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Benefit Concert for Two BIG Benefits to Navasota!

Navasota's most famous artists, Leon and "Molly Bee" Collins. They just lost everything they own in a house fire.

We are planning a benefit concert for Molly Bee and her father Leon on January 24, 2015. Tubie and the Touchtones and Brickyard Kain have offered to play at a benefit concert and auction at The Dizzy Llama. Things will kick off at 6:30.

If you want to donate to the LIVE Auction, let me know!

The Collin's house burned down a couple of weeks ago. Leon lost everything but his Bible. All of his money and paintings and clothes...He's going to need a lot of help. They have moved into a new place on Church Street.

Leon's tragedy reminds us that life, our mission in life, is more important than we might think. There are great things at stake while we indulge ourselves in philosophical questions, often unanswerable. Sometimes life demands that we step up to the challenges at our feet, think of the greater good. And jump in.

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