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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The year matures... in a blaze of glory

These sandstone walls have experienced eons of seasons coming and going... their scars testify of the earth's magnificent physiology, and the clockwork of creation.
The Camp mausoleum ruins near Navasota, Texas. 
It's true. Each year starts like a frozen, barren field and then juice from the earth fills each bud with incredible energy and life.. an endless fountain of green, until that field resembles a veritable jungle...

 Stone walls built by the WPA on Cedar Creek as it runs through Downtown Navasota, Texas.

And then the green energy matures into a smorgasbord of rich warm colors... before it submits to the cold and what seems like death upon earth.

Cedar Creek in the fall.

But still there is underneath it all the promise of new life, so we can enjoy this beautiful time of the year, as summer matures and retires in a blaze of glory. We should be so lucky so as to pattern our lives after this cycle!

Sandstone fence around the old Brooks property, near Downtown Navasota.

I believe God planned it so, so that we would have some reassurance about the journey each of our souls must take.

The Center of the Universe: St Paul's Episcopal Church, Navasota, Texas.

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