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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

“The Haves and Have Not” by Mildred Cushman

I don’t have a “E-mail”

A “Website,”  “blog” or “Twitter”

If this is communication

I guess that I’m a quitter!


No computer do I have

I’m probably too old to learn

Seeing I was born in the twenties

My ability is a concern!


Most of my mail is “junk” mail

Wanting a donation for a cause…

Luring me with dimes, pennies or nickels

Is enough to make me pause!


Sometimes these sad letters I get

Really touch my heart

Like a woman 85 years, too weak to fix her meals

So bless the group that delivers-“Meals on Wheels”!


A three cent stamp used to mail my bills

Now it’s forty-six cents today!

I choose to pay that- and not buy a computer

To meet the challenges that come my way!


I’m glad I don’t have to drive too far

As gas has gone out of sight

I feel sorry for the working class

From their paycheck that’s quite a bite!


Well, here I am at eighty-eight

How blessed can you get?

I do my chores and fix my meals

Slower- but going strong- as it’s not over yet!!
Mildred Cushman is my stepmother, who lives in Houston.  As long as I have known her, she has written poetry... it is her way of "putting it out there." In a way, she is a "voice of one crying in the Wilderdness."  Like John the Baptist, she tells it like it is. My wife posted this when it arrived, on our refridgerator... I thought maybe we all could stand to hear from her generation...
And now I can tell her even she is on the INTERNET!

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