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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oddities: Texas stoneware...

I went to the Warrenton - Round Top antique/junk/& beyond event last week and found some interesting vessels that some of you might enjoy discussing... This one speaks for itself. Perhaps one of the rarest advertising jugs I have seen at Marburger Farms show.
Eeeearly Meyer?
The dealers who had this semi-ovoid churn said it came from Columbus, Texas. The auctioneer who sold it said it was from "east Texas" (Probably thinking Hunt) but someone had suggested to them it was a Stoker churn... (Central TX, Bastrop Co., orangey clay, rust to brown to black glazes) and I agreed that was closer to the truth. But to me the thing had a Meyer quality to it. The beautifully applied handles were pulled similar to William Meyer (Bexar Co.) including his telltale pointed terminations... but the clay body was kind of ochre... (Meyer is usually more pinkish) perhaps it is a transitional... Franz Schultz?... who threw for Saenger (1885) and Meyer (1887-89). Anyway, very unique, special churn.
Gary Glahn is hoping he has found a Millikin Frazier pitcher... (VERY, very rare) anybody else think so? I am not that familiar with Frazier.. but am always willing to learn something. Most Millikin Fraziers I have seen were quite bizarre looking... angular and strained forms.  Here is the shot of the  bottom of the pitcher... 
Anybody have any ideas?
And last of all, a nice fellow from Alabama named Gary & Martha Price from a Shop in the Community of Bacon Level in Randolph County has done research on John Leopard... and found this shard with what looks like an L on it...
I have seen a hand inscribed cursive L on a supposed Leopard vessel... but never this. Could be Leopard's maker's mark before he came to Texas...??? But, the form does not say Leopard to me, especially the mouth. The clean, gassy ash glaze, and no sign of iron deposits in clay, say NOT TEXAS, and the L could be a 7,  ounces!? OR
It could be a 1 Litre mark, and be from God knows where. 
Now you see why we love this stuff... it's the search, the mystery...

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