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Thursday, October 4, 2012

a shooting lesson

Danny Stone ran across my path the other day and was sharing one of his new projects. He had a stack of photographs that he had taken, where he devised a way to help shooters record the recoil effect of their pistols.

By techniques only known to himself, he manages to capture multiple images on one frame, showing the motion of a pistol at the point of firing, all of which happens in less than a second. Shooters are finally able to study the motion of the pistol, which up until now was just a blur... Making clear the loss of control and necessity of re-aiming before firing again.  This photograph really emphasizes the importance of that FIRST shot, before your world gets rocked.

Although it feels like much less, it appears the pistol recoils almost three inches! The barrel kicks upwards around 15 degrees, around an inch and half to two inches. Note the fire is still escaping after the bullet has hit the target. How in the heck can you hit anything consistently with that kind of action? Makes a baseball bat look more dependable...  

This would be a great thing to do to check your own firearm... and your ability to handle the recoil action. I think Danny is considering trying to market this very service...

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