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Monday, October 15, 2012

My New Blog... a home for my book

I have created a totally new blog, http://brazosvalleyblues.blogspot.com/  devoted exclusively to the blues and their story here in the Brazos Valley. I have moved many of my former blogs about blues to that site, and have posted my most recently completed book.  It can be found over to the left under the title "The Light of Day." If you live in Navasota, you should read this to really understand our history. It is full of my own illustrations, photography and personal collection of historical photos. You will be introduced to long forgotten or unknown heroes and villains, victories and tragedies. I promise it will be full of things you never heard, and will hardly ever be boring.

The Light of Day is a story you have never seen anywhere. In fact it is a story that has been subverted for over one hundred years. Some of it is not pleasant. But it is our story, and it must be told, so that (hopefully) history does not repeat itself. It is a local history that is sort of an allegory for our whole country. The book is the product of many years of research and I hope you will check it out.

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