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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The end of an era... the beginning of an another

It is the end of a couple of "eras" in our town's unfolding cultural scene.
Leon Collins has been painting on the sidewalk here for several years now and has become a familiar and popular Brazos Valley icon.

Spread out in front of Tejas Antiques (owned by Duane Garner, who had the vision and good sense to provide him a studio ) Leon Collins has sold thousands, yes thousands of his paintings to art enthusiasts from all over the country. He has been featured on television shows and magazine covers and newspaper articles. Recently Leon told me that he was turning a page and moving to cooler and more private headquarters, and planning on focusing his production toward the shows he is slated to do in Houston and New Orleans. After his success at Rice University, his place in Texas art is secure.

After all is said and done, Leon has taught local Navasota merchants what it takes to succeed using Navasota as a backdrop.

I feel like I could write a book after watching him carve out an art career against all odds, not to mention a bad economy. And in the process, his presence helped all of us, and I hate to admit it, he will be missed.

UPDATE; Leon came back... his art is still available at Tejas Antiques in downtown Navasota.

The Friday night jam session at Blues Alley is moving. We had our last jam there last friday night, with a packed house.

After seventeen months, we have outgrown the inadequate space at Blues Alley and the VFW Hall out on HWY 105 West has offered to host the event from now on. It has been a wonderful season, and in the process, I have picked up the wash-tub bass and drums as things I wish I could do... maybe someday with enough practice! Scores of musicians have complimented us with their attendance, and great music has come from this gathering. But last Friday night was a good example of why it had to go... fifteen musicians squeezed, VERY UNCOMFORTABLY IN OUR LITTLE STORE... all of whom deserve better, a place to flower and enough room for an audience to come enjoy their talent.

The jam has been a sweet chapter, a place to relish in talent and new friendships, a time to share and learn, and pass things on to those we love. Jett McFalls shares the bass with his granddaughter.

There is no doubt, it was special... the generosity of the musicians, the blending of rock and country and blues... it was just like heaven will be some day.

The jam will ot happen this Friday, as we will have a concert at the Brosig Auditorium the day before... THE BLUES CAPITAL REVUE, but we will resume the jam at OUR NEW LOCATION, ON AUG 17.<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">

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