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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Sign... ??? or just another small glory

Normally the harbinger of spring and lovely weather, this little iris blossumed in the heat of the summer - 3 or 4 months late... it's in the same category with snowing in July.

My wife sugggested that it was a sign... but of what? Then it became obvious. The air was unusually cool for an August morning, and as I went out and explored the photographic possibilities of this unique aparition, our four cats came out and formed a rectangle in front of it and paid homage to the cosmic event.

Yes, it surely is a sign. My wife saw it, the cats saw it. I photographed it... blogged it... and now wait for the day, which will tell us all, what exactly it is a sign of.

Maybe it is announcing the second annual BLUES CAPITAL REVUE! AUG 9TH AT THE BROSIG AUDITORIUM... Tubie and the Touchtones unveil their new CD...

Perhaps it is reminding all of us about the seventeenth annual Navasota Blues Fest: Aug 10-11, great line up, air conditioned event, cold beer, Yee HaaaaH!...

But I'd like to think it is a sweet note from my grandmother, afterall the iris is from one of her bulbs in her garden in Houston... she is reminding me that tomorrow is the anniverary of the day her daughter, my mother passed from this world. And a message that where they are now, the iris blooms every day. I love being a Christian because is provides me that kind of blessed hope, that kind spiritual warmth, and quite often. There is an unexplainable inner security in that kind of knowing.

Yesterday I sold another large painting.. I'm having the best year in my art career, and enjoying considerable attention and excitement over the Frank Hamer monument project. The things happening right now would have meant so much to people who are all gone now. The iris says, "we are watching and celebrating!"

Just look at this shot! The grass was nicely mowed, the sun rising through the trees, light glowing across the yard, cats content and an iris blooming, in August. Maybe its all just a reminder that God is in His heaven, and all is right... in His world.

It's these small glories that make life tolerable. Thanks for sharing them with me.

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