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Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Lot Has Been Lost

Since I have come to Grimes County. Here are a few sites I was lucky enough to have accidentally photographed BEFORE THEY WERE SUDDENLY GONE. Area country stores seem to have been especially hard hit.
After a terrible misunderstanding, my own father was forced to sell of this wonderful old store, the Keiffel Store in Plantersville. It is now rotting away in Winklemann, Texas.

Once the lifeline for the town of Stoneham, the old Stoneham Grocery was demolished decades ago.

In all the world, if there ever was an icon of American blues music, this building would have been that building; The headquarters and company store for the Tom J. Moore Farm. At least half a dozen blues singers have recorded a version of the Tom Moore Blues. Mance Lipscomb did at least two. Lightnin' Hopkins, Frank Robinson & Guitar Curtis Colter and Thomas Shaw also sang their own versions. When the King Ranch bought out the historic old cotton farm, it was just boards and dirt. It was slated to be sold off and moved away.

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