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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a peek... at our future

I got a chance to tour the new City Hall in all its raw, unfinished glory. There is a beauty in seeing the inner skeleton of such a magnificent structure. It will be something to behold, and is already breathtaking, and quite fascinating in its present state of incompletion. The project is right on schedule, and we see marked progress every week.

It is hard to explain what a pleasure it has been to help conceive such an integral landmark for our town... and actually see it go up within sight of my house. I remember one day, a decade ago, when I told the Mayor then to try to buy that lot, that someday we would want to make a park out of it, or even build a new city hall.

Every thing worthwhile that men construct, starts out as some guy's brain fart. And if he is lucky, he doesn't make too big a stink in the process. Here are a few fleeting views of my dream under construction... Thanks to City Manager Brad Stafford and the other City employees that made the tour so enjoyable.

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