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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Golden Evening...

It may have been one of the sweetest, most memorable evenings to date, for us at Blues Alley... a simple jam session...

We invited local artists that had expressed interest, a need for such a time to learn and share. Nearly everybody showed up. Even some professional musicians that found out about it. Mislettie led the session, and did a good job. Dennis Germenis on the drums, Thanks Dennis! Chris Puente brought his banjo, The Armstrongs brought a stand up bass, mandolin, and there were several acoustic guitars, even harmonicas.

William brought his electric guitar which I made him turn all the way down... and then I insisted he TURN IT UP! Then, literally bloody fingered, he took a break and Randy Pavlock! stepped in... and generously, humbly, contributed his talents. He even did a few songs at the drums. Rock veteran Sam Mursky sat outside, and unfortunately never got to join us. Maybe next time Sam! It was the most giving atmosphere imaginable, as country, bluegrass, folk and rock musicians shared the floor. Everybody got to play that wanted to.

And a very decent crowd crammed into the room to soak up a delicious and rare exhibition of Navasota's great and diverse musical talent. Needless to say, we're gonna do this again, real soon.

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