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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mance's birthday party

First of all April 10 was actually the day after his birthday... but it was a Saturday and more suitable for a blues festival. It went very well and most everybody had a great time. I will dissect the event later for those interested in tourism and how we pulled it off. But for now I just want to point out the important stuff.

The newly dubbed Mance Lipscomb Park, once known and still marked as "Cedar Creek Park," served our purposes well, and provided a quaint and historic backdrop for the event. The pictures will demonstrate what my descriptions cannot. It was a golden moment.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the City of Navasota which gave us essential ground support, beyond our expectations, and helped make the event a very respectable tourism attraction. They made themselves a very effective partner in our vision.

Our goals were to celebrate Mance's birthday in a worthy manner, unveil our store to the region, bring people from other places to Navasota, entertain everyone who came with excellent food and music, show off our local talent, and even give a bump to retail sales in downtown that weekend. Amazingly, we acccomplished every goal.

And, if I might say so, we had one helluva beautiful time doing it.

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Dorothy Mayer said...

I am excited to hear about your recent successful community outreach endeavor. I recently experienced a similar outcome working as an El Camino Real Master Naturalist in Milam Co., Cameron, TX helping to put together & implement our 1st ever Nature Festival. I was just blown away seeing the community support & positive energy that resulted from a vision some of our local master naturalists had. More than ever before, I am a real believer that with a shared goal, and some positive energy spread around, a few people can accomplish almost anything they set their minds to do. When there is a good cause coupled with lots of local folks willing to help, there is just no limit to what can result. So, I am just so happy to know that you folks in Navasota, TX have also experienced such great success with your recent Blues Festival.
I was traveling through Navasota last week & got to personally visit w/ Russell Cushman and other local area talents. There really just isn't anything that compares w/ shopping in a small town atmosphere with the possibility of actually meeting successful artists who take the time to chat w/customers. I just felt truly blessed to have had this chance opportunity. I truly believe that this is one of the exceptional benefits of shopping in a small town environment.
I definitely hope to get to attend the next event you 'local yokels' decide to pool that positive energy together to create.
Way to go, Navasota, TX!