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Monday, October 26, 2009

More shots of our bah itchin' music scene!

We have been so fortunate to see and hear great musicians right here in Navasota, in the past few months, and the images they create have been almost as memorable. True, some are a little "autistic" since I don't use a flash, but I'd rather capture the lighting and colors... sometimes thatsacrifices sharpness... But l@@k at what has been going on here! Look! And I got to see and hear every freaking bit of it, and I still can't believe it!


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! I tink they look more artistic than "autistic". The one with just the guitars is now my new desktop background Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oops, the work is think not tink. I have to learn to push ALL of the keys.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm having a bad morning... word not work.

Anonymous said...

Each photo holds a special place in time and a wonderful time in my heart. Artists are special people because everytime they write, play music or paint a picture they have to let their gaurd down and disclose something personal about themselves. Bob Cheevers told the crowd why a song and a saying was so personal to him and the crowd felt his pain in our hearts for him. I guess my point is we pick how we choose to live and to live is to experience life with others. When we choose to be tired and lazy, we lose something we will never get back; time.