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Thursday, October 29, 2009

He Is There by Russell Cushman

1) When the dark gave birth to light,
And this world began to spin,
He was there.
When Adam learned wrong from right,
And when Eve covered their skin,
He was there.
When Moses brought down the Law,
And the people were caught in sin,
He was there.
When young David gazed with awe
At the giant that once had been,
He was there.
When Babylon laid Israel waste,
All were captured- left for dead,
He was there.
When the lions refused a taste,
And Daniel’s foes were killed instead,
He was there.

Chorus: He was there, He was there.
In the fiery furnace, He was there.
One day all men will declare,
In the midst, Jesus was there.

2) When John baptized in the river,
A great voice spoke from above.
He was there.
When the lepers made crowds shiver,
And yet were cleansed by God’s love,
He was there.
When they fed the five thousand
With some fishes and some bread,
He was there.
When they betrayed Him in the garden,
A tempting price on His head,
He was there.
When they nailed Him to a tree,
And cruelly taunted and jeered,
He was there.
And when they scorned and finished Him
And the Temples’ curtain sheared,
He was there!

Chorus: He was there, He was there.
Through all these things He was there.
And one day all Israel will share,
Why Jesus was there.

3) When you’re in a deep dark place
And you haven’t got a friend,
He is there.
When you’re caught up in the race,
And can’t make it ‘round the bend,
He is there.
When your job one day feels right,
And you know that you’re so blessed,
He is there.
When the beauty within your sight
Spreads from the East to the West,
He is there.
When problems come in bundles
And block the road you have to trod.
He is there.
When you call upon the angels
And need the mighty hand of God,
He is there.

Chorus: He is there, He is there.
Through all your trials He is there.
And one day your soul will know,
Always, Jesus is there.

4) When this world comes to its end
And all His sheep are called on home,
He’ll be there.
And all those godless human whims
Collapse and melt like sea foam,
He’ll be there.
When all those who reject Him
Are dumped for Eternity,
He’ll be there.
When the Elders cast their crowns
And all the angels bow down,
He’ll be there.
And when the Lamb is given the scroll,
And He opens the Seven Seals,
He’ll be there.
And then, when His Kingdom comes
And every soul falls to their knees,
He’ll be there.

Chorus: He’ll be there, He’ll be there.
For you and all these things, He’ll be there.
On that day, all His sheep know,
That He promised! Jesus will be there.
Chorus: He was there, He was there.
Through all these things He is there.
And one day all Israel will share,
And He’ll be there.

He’ll be there.
He’ll be there.
Will you meet Him?
He’ll see you there.
He is there… The Great I Am
and He is there.

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