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Friday, May 16, 2014

A New Era Begins: The Horlock House as Cultural Center

A SERIOUS  art gallery in Navasota, Texas!

The Horlock Gallery is managed by the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley. Art is placed sparingly for effect in this new artist's venue, where each painting is given importance and the space necessary to connect with its viewers without distraction. Mr. Horlock's personally designed tile-fronted fireplace was a great shock to his wife in 1892... Today it fits right in.

The new life of the Horlock House has begun as a contemporary art gallery.  It is a challenge for artists to create works which can stand alone and compete with the fetching surroundings... but there are now three artists living in the house determined to try.

A painting awaits placement in the newest and most exquisite art gallery in the Brazos Valley.
There will be a viewing of the art (and the house!) on May 17 between 5:30 and 8:00. Brace yourself for a shock- at the beauty of the old Victorian house now that it has been painstakingly restored. And at the quietly stunning surrounding it supplies for the art...

Artists live and work upstairs and display their works downstairs. Each door beckons the visitor to enter into another different exhibit.

It's no Taj Mahal... but for emerging artists this may be a unique opportunity to get away from their ruts or distractions and live in and with their work, and to meet the public and other artists and observe reactions to what they are doing.

Great things have small beginnings...

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