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Sunday, March 3, 2013

WHAT A DAY! Dedication leads to a Dedication.

Mayor Pro-tem Peter Canney and City Manager Brad Stafford do the honors...

It's early Sunday morning and I still can't go to sleep. It was a... most excellent day. Thanks again to everyone and especially the City of Navasota. I am very grateful for the chance to prove myself and Marshal Frank Hamer to skeptics... and to honor our wonderful lawmen in the process.

If you were not there... you missed a truly inspiring time. But every time you pass the sculpture, you will feel a glimpse of it.

A proclamation from the State Capitol...

Harrison Hamer tells everyone the short version of his great uncle's history.

Tom Turner records as Great-nephew Harrison Hamer tells of a chance meeting between one of his relatives and a woman at an airport. Her name was Quinn and she had lived in Navasota during the Frank Hamer days... This chance conversation was when the family learned treasured historical tid-bits about their famous uncle.

Navasota is a small town, and to say that this handshake represents much more than a mere congratulations... would be only a hint at the friendship, respect and teamwork behind it. Mayor Bert Miller magnanimously cheers on this town... while he has quietly established a legacy of enviable progress.

For an artist, it gets no better than this... to install a monument of  a local hero just blocks from your house... and share the moment with your wife of 37 years... somebody who has sacrificed a great deal to see this day come. I once told Linda that I did not want to get to the mountain top and yet be by myself... that it was important that she hang in there and be there... and there we were.

Somebody asked me how you make a bronze sculpture... it's not a short answer kind of thing...

One of my prouder moments... meeting and posing with Texas Ranger Jeff Wolf.

The monument finally unifies Navasota with Ranger Frank Hamer- forever!  

Only an architect could have designed such a perfect setting!

Chuck McCarroll made this great video for the event... thanks Chuck!


And if you go to You Tube (see below) you can see the nice video report made by our talented High School students!

Thanks to Chuck and Susie and my brother Reynolds for their photos.

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