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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Natural Wonders for Valentines

Happy Valentines Day. Here are some shots of the most unique, most monumental valentines I have ever seen.  Maybe they are as big as our love.

I have made a study of these gargantuan statements, capturing them in various seasons, different times of the day. Made by Jerald Mize of Washington County,  he has installed these sculptures... Texas-sized, bio-degradable tokens of affection, all over his property, and as they were made in tribute to his wife Elizabeth, over a period of years, I consider them to be the most extraordinary expressions of their kind in the world...
Depending on where you stand, the other icons in sight can completely change the context of the message. This one could be called "Let's rebuild the bridge to each other."

Mize has certainly raised the bar on Valentines cards, making the rest of us goobers look like total jerks. So I have tried to redeem myself... a little, by sharing these wonderful natural wonders with all of you. And in a shameless act of self-preservation, I dedicate these loving photographs to my lifetime sweetheart-  I love you Linda.  I hope you don't mind if I share our Valentines Day with THE WHOLE WORLD!

Mize uses straw, steel, logs, and mostly "green" materials to decorate his property, which is left natural, and kept free of livestock.
The mood of the landscape often adds to the sculpture's effect.
Mize did not carve a giant piece of red sandstone to make this... although it looks like it. He has many tricks up his sleeve... and combined with his sense of design, and the wonderful harmony with the environment, You wish they would last forever.
Just like "Us."

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Jeri Winslett said...

Another beautiful entry, Russell! Keep recording, photographing, writing and educating. Your work is as invaluable as the work you're introducing us to.
Many thanks