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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Search for a Valentine...

Artist Jerald Mize clued me in that he had made a new valentine for Valenties Day... and I went looking for it on his property. His wife had not seen it... and hiked off expecting the nature walk to be gray and boring.

But WOW! Redbuds! Spring is busting out already. I saw iris in bloom as well... and

huisatch, those little mustard puff balls starting to peek out.
So winter is toast... and quite early this year. And everything is coming alive.
Wherever paths had been mowed... lush green grass is rearing to go.
And Jerald had made good use of an oak trunk. When they lose a tree, they often gain a sculpture.
It's hard to believe that this will give way to an explosion of life and color soon. It's always a miracle. And I enjoy it every time as if it were something special. Maybe winter wipes the slate clean, gets our minds right to appreciate the WONDER of HIS CREATION. 

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