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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brazos River walk...Almost like a walk on the beach...

Fall is just arriving down on the sandy Brazos riverfront. There were all kinds of river relics strewn about; Petrified wood chunks, old river-worn bits of bottle glass, even some driftwood. The killdeers did their best to simulate gulls as the tiny freshwater clams crunched under my feet. It sounded and smelled like the beach! And there were original murals overlooking the shore... just like at Galveston.

Oh well, it's a cheap thrill... but one available every day.
Have you ever been down to stroll under the Brazos River bridge? 

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Judy Crawford Reynolds said...

Almost every day in the summer & on weekends growing up. My grandfather ranched on the opposite side of Terrell Farms-close to the railroad trussel. I ofter thought that was the most beautiful part of the world. Loved watching the sun set on the high embankments that were filled with ribbons of color from different layers of earth.