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Monday, October 29, 2012

Navasota gets a special visit by a steam engine

A boisterous reminder of our heritage...

This is Union Pacific locomotive # 844 on its way to Wyoming. It made a stop here in Navasota Monday morning... and went on to Hearne and beyond. This scene used to be the heartbeat of our city, built on railroads and their essential services. 

Check out that steam puffing out of the great engine! 

Navasota was, is and will always be a train town!

Unfortunately, the engineer forgot to pull a public assembly permit and the cops had to pull them over... (just kidding!)
Here is where I was, WAITING  for the train to come down 105... when it arrived in Navasota...
Yarboro Lake was originally a railroad watering hole, where these great engines came to drink...
I wanted to get a shot of the steam engine as it passed its historic watering hole, but it came up through Hempstead...
That's what I get for being a one-upman...


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