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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome new readers!

As this blog is about to turn its 40,000th  page, and I note a brisk increase in activity, I want to say a big Texas HOWDY to "Y'all" out there.

I am a Texas artist and historian.. and writer I guess, and love to share my projects and hometown with the world. Below is my current project, a seven foot tall statue to be cast in bronze and placed in front of the Navasota City Hall.

This is my clay interpretation of Marshal Frank hamer, a famous Texas Ranger who served this City from 1908 to 1911. I will take him to the foundry soon. He will return in the spring, made of bronze, and aiming to greet all those who visit our City Hall.

Today I enjoyed a visit from the County Sheriff Don Sowell and his friend, Texas Ranger (retired) Bob Connell. Frank is getting high marks... People seem to like his expression, and the lawmen appreciate the historical authenticity. Hamer was 6 foot five, so this sculpture is made life size.
Frank is packing a replica of a 1895 Winchester lever action 30.06, a rifle he posed with. The sculpture was built on an armature welded to a dolly for ease of transport. Eventually, the wheels will come off!

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