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Thursday, April 12, 2012

You may be able to help...

Richard Lipscomb has the thankless job of demolishing his grandfather's house, and when I visited his project Wednesday, it looked like he could use some help. Mance Lipscomb built the two bedroom home around fifty years ago, out of old recycled lumber, but now it is a safety and health issue. Nature has already gone to work reclaiming the property, which still belongs to Lipscomb's descendants.

These guys moved in recently, and are busily making their new hive...

A view of the old front, which is now the rear of the house, on the edge of a jungle.

I want to try to organize a work crew to help the family remove the building and contents, and if you can help, here is a chance to pay your respects, in a tangible way, to Navasota's beloved bluesman.

Just call me... or leave a message at Blues Alley.

As I was about to leave, an expert on demolition arrived and gave me a demonstration.

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