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Thursday, April 26, 2012

As I was saying...WARNING! Product Endorsement!

So I got my lawnmower repaired... or so I hoped. It had a very annoying habit of folding its front wheels back... so I had the axles replaced. The photo below shows the results of just one time around the yard. (Note to reader: I have learned to get spaces by inserting photos...)
I finally attributed the dysfunction to faulty design... So I went shopping for a better mower... one WITHOUT those dumb levers that catch and dislocate on every vine, branch or whatever you roll by. Turns out the whole lawnmower industry has gone with this grossly faulty feature. Only the Snapper lawnmowers were designed in a totally different way. But I found this self-propelled LawnBoy lawnmower that had addressed the problem to my satisfaction.
Lawn Boy designers have tucked the lever in and back, making it less likely to snag and get bent or whatever. Linda took off with it as soon as I got it assembled. :)
She said it was easy to handle, and did the job in less time than before. And she wasn't tired. What else can I say? Go Linda!

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