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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just another (INCREDIBLE!) day in the hood...

This is a tribute to my parents. I am very grateful for the vision of my life they planted in me.
Shoot me now... what a beautiful shot!

A real Texas TRIO! That's me on the right...

OK, I cannot lie, every day is not like this Saturday was... but then again it was not that unusual in my life. Saturday started out with meeting a buddy at a spot where he asked to be photographed with his two pets.. Liberty and Justice.

After an exhilerating shoot, I asked to be photographed with them as well... This is why I live here!

Photo courtesy Bert Miller

Or maybe THIS is why I live here! Saturday evening I was asked to demonstrate at the annual unveiling of the art benches of the "Benchmark" program sponsored by the Brazos Valley Arts Council at the George Bush Library... There I was, right under the giant painting of George Bush, an old friend and political compatriot of my father's, and his cabinet, sculpting the bust for my latest commission of another old hero and acquaintance of my father's, Ranger Frank Hamer, surrounded by the devoted patrons of the Arts in the Brazos Valley. He was always my biggest fan... and I know he would have just exploded.

Still, he would have been no prouder than the artist shown above, teaching... Cathrine Price I believe, (who ironically has ended up being a very valued assistant to me on mural projects...) This is my mother Margaret Cushman, one of my toughest and most trusted critics, who passed away in 1980, long before I had seen any professional success. Today would have been her 87th birthday. So Happy Birthday mom, I'm still trying to fulfill your expectations after all these years.

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ReynCush said...

Hobnobbing with Liberty and Justice was exhilarating, I'm sure. There is, I believe, a predisposition to like longhorn steers. Kind of like the giraffe or the duckbill platypus, these animals look so preposterous they take on the appearance of being almost comedic, and thus cuddly, friendly and just a big pasture-roaming Barney. The Brazos Valley does get a special blessing every couple of years in the way of a phenomenonal flowering spring and you know how to revel in the bounteous gift when is given. Enjoy and soak it in.
Margaret was a gifted oil painter, quilter, seamstress, crocheter, rug hooker and knitter. She had the desire to create and the passion to get it done once commenced. Can't think of an an example of her quitting any project after putting herself to the proverbial plow. Quite an example for all to admire and emulate. She was always honest to her own detriment. I, for one, would be infinitely more effective if I possessed her quiet resolve and steady determination. Happy birthday mom! Thanks for loving me with all the motherly care a fellow could ever hope for. She never quit on me.

But Russell, what parent in their right mind would stifle a kid from expressing a very rare talent and ability like you exhibited at about age 8? Well, a few wouldn't granted. But you had a sensitive mother and a dad that could recognize talent when he saw it. And you would have kept drawing even if no one said one encouraging word.

But here is an encouraging word: keep sculpting, painting, designing and writing. You do them all exceptional aplomb and zest. It makes it easy for the rest of us to keep being curious about the next rabbit you'll pull out of the hat.

Bro Reynolds