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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bluebonnets, bluebonnets, bountiful bluebonnets

Sometimes Nature really surprises you. After the drought last summer, which lasted until the middle of the winter, who could believe all those little bluebonnet plants were germinating and hunkering down and ready to go!

Spring color on a ranch just east of Navasota.

Even nore surprising, the old natives, nearly wiped out by years of local farmers treating their pastures with pesticides and herbicides and rich fertilizers, have emerged in an amazing comeback. I have never seen so much of the native species (lupinus subcarnosus) as this year, and they have had a... FIELD DAY!

Right now the wildflowers are weeks ahead of their regular blooming schedule. The "road" bonnets are past prime, starting to produce seed pods, and the "field" bonnets are starting to fill out.. they will peak in about a week.

Taken adjacent to the Old Baylor Park in Independence, patches of primary color plaster the pastures... but the cultivated bluebonnets inside the park have been disappointing for a couple of years.

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