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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Christmas spirit... every day at the Woodlands Mall

If you follow me you know I know Santa personally and follow him around during the Christmas season. You may have read previous blogs where I explained how my eyes have been opened to the importance of this hard working elf and his impact on our cultural psyche. Here are fresh photographs of him at work at his substation in the Woodlands.

Santa has been at this for a very long time, and has seen a lot of changes over the years, but through it all, the children are still very much the same, and worth all of his efforts.

Santa and Mrs. Claus take an evening stroll, adding a bit of fantasy to an already idyllic Christmas shopping experience at the Woodlands Mall.

Of course, I could not resist tweaking the photos with my computer magic... making them look more like old book illustrations, just to add to the Christmas spirit. I think we could make a pretty cool little Christmas book with these!

1 comment:

HeartForThePart said...

I could not agree Moore! Awesome Santa and Mrs Claus!