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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The World Premier Concert for Charlie Lucas Band's new music video, in Navasota, Texas!


I mean we're talkin rock n' roll bad ass tight band hammer down no escape pin you to the wall COUNTRY!

Uh... wear your ear plugs. Pad your thighs because you will beat them bloody. These guys are... a bombing pentameter.

They're good. Real good.

And not because they love Navasota and did their first music video here. And Navasota looked ... like Navasota, a little edgy, but interesting... The vid is called "Not the girl she used to be."

Where to start?

Buy the DVD. The crowd loved these guys and you will too... and you can control the volume on your DVD player. Mercy.

It was a big, big night for Navasota and I am out of words.

Thank you Charlie Lucas Band for everything.

Cute video!

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