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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Herman Cain: An eagle among turkeys.

I love Herman Cain. Or at least, the idea of him. Many Conservative Americans are tired of being dismissed and vilified as ignorant, provincial racists who only care about their superstitions and guns, myself included. After so many years of trash-talking by Liberals about our fitness as Americans, “Tea Baggers” as we have become known by the Media, may now have an effective representative; One that can and will shut up this senseless Liberal race-baiting for good.

Herman Cain understands the basic issues, like how to establish and operate under a balanced budget, something our more experienced politicians have seemingly never understood; about the foolishness of making pompous, ambiguous promises, and instead he focuses simply on the idea of responsible government. He owes little or no political tribute to anybody. He speaks in common language that many regular folk appreciate.

And he is black.

Sure he is somewhat of a stretch to be President of the United States, given that he has never served in public office. And sure he has never been under the kind of brutal scrutiny that eliminates most good men before they could ever get started on the road to the Presidency. But forget all of that, because Herman has marched his way right through the debates and now swept the Florida Republican Straw Poll. Herman is a contender. He came on the scene with his wit and guile and impressed many Republicans with his vision and yes, his grasp of the situation.

Maybe it’s “a black thing.”

Herman Cain is smart, and he is tough. Herman Cain has actually done something, and made money while doing it. Herman Cain has made a name for himself in a highly competitive market and shown an aptitude for leadership and problem solving. And at a time when those things are in short supply and political experience is not so highly regarded.

AND… he is black.

With all the thousands of years of collective political experience in Washington today, we still suffer the greatest mess we have ever seen in our history. This regime will go down in flames as the costliest, messiest, and sleaziest ever. And let us not forget; the most politically experienced. Not only do most men and women who represent us in Washington have numerous years of experience, but they draw upon our entire history as well. And the complete disarmament of our National Will and the unprecedented trust for this regime initially, was partly because this new era of “change” was fearlessly led by a young Chicago politician, a multi-racial academic, once a foreign exchange student, now the culmination of the hopes of the whole Nation…

And he was black.

Part of President Obama’s charm was his fresh face, one not so entrenched in the political scene in Washington. Many wanted him regardless of his lack of accomplishments or political experience… because he was ….black. It was “time for a black President.” “Hope and change.” To spread the wealth. What a great role model for our black youth. An inspiration for the age, even a savior of the world. The whole world cried for him, as they thought of him as one of them. And it was so poetic… A black President to usher in a new order of world peace and prosperity. And damn those nasty Republicans who only care about their corporate intrigue and tax loop holes. This new prince was tall and dashing, with an irresistible smile. An Everyman, fathered in Kenya, born someplace else than mainland USA, raised in the Philippines, yet amazingly confident, a sort of ambassador of the world, his noble countenance shaped by at least two races, several countries, and two of the great world religions.

And he was black. That was enough by itself to guarantee many votes. There were many whites and blacks that would vote for him simply because of his race. You heard it on the streets. “It’s their turn.” “It’s our turn.” “It proves something about this great country we all live in.” Even Republicans, still afraid of his politics, shrugged after the election and wished him well. He was an icon of equality for all of us. For the world.

But the well-spoken young Everyman from everywhere soon displayed his inability to remember anything he said anywhere, or specifically, what he had promised. Yet his ability to change his mind, to the chagrin of his faithful followers, and his further inability to make decisions and solve problems have only grown worse with time. His platitudes ring hollow as he continues his bluff of confidence, hoping for an economic miracle, while borrowing and spending our grandchildren into servitude to the Communist Chinese. And as this young President has ignored basic math and common sense, and even his own rantings before his election, he contradicts most of what he stood for, and yet he musters the guts to apologize to our adversaries for whatever perceived American evils he or they have imagined. In the end, he has impressed no one, and has very few allies in the world, especially our traditional American allies who feel thrown under his bandbus.

Now Conservatives will, understandably do anything to replace him. There is one silver… or silverish-black bullet. An ugly political reality… (please forgive that oxymoron…) Another black... running against this black. It is pure genius.

So far the black vote in America has been fairly loyal specifically to race, and if you could just move some of them to the Republican side, you own the election. A black businessman like Cain could be the ticket to beat Obama in 2012. Herman Cain is the ultimate race card. But in a way never conceived before; the Joker that is wild and trumps every other card. It turns the chess tables of American politics on its ear. Conservative leaning blacks will vote for him, and Liberal Democrats won’t be able to fight that by frightening blacks with cries of latent Republican racism. Elections in this Country are won by such a narrow margin, that Cain’s election would be almost inevitable.

If the Republicans play this Cain card, it will work, and regardless of his qualifications he will be elected in much the same kind of mass euphoria as was Obama. Because he is black. This time the Republicans will have their own vindication celebration. Thus begins a whole new era in American politics, where much like in sports, you’ll have to have a black on the team to win. So be it.

I love Herman. Watching him interact with all of those polished pretenders on stage, he is like a wisened eagle patiently perched among a flock of gobbling turkeys, strutting and fanning their tails and yet absurd and contemptable. I agree with everything he says, and I will vote for him. But part of me wants him because I resent being called a racist, just because I disagree so wholeheartedly with my current President, who happens to be black. I am tired of the race card, and the only way to kill it is to play a bigger one; the race card to end all race cards.

Maybe then we can return to civil arguments in this Country, where we refrain from cheap shots that question our opponent’s intelligence and patriotism and common decency, just because they are wrong (we think) about a political issue; despicable trash talking just to win, and thus protect our power and pride. I look forward to a color-ambivalent America someday when we vote on the basis of QUALIFICATIONS and those are the olden ideals of American leadership; Proven reputation. EARNED respect. Selfless service to country and community. Competency. Transparency. A life that illustrates American values, such as those printed on our money and our National Seal and codified by our Constitution: “In God we trust”; Equality and Justice for All; Freedom; “Out of many: One”; “He (God) approves our undertakings,” and “New Order for the Ages.” Thankfully, Herman Cain fits pretty well under those cherished Latin slogans.

That’s right, Conservatives. Our Founding Fathers conceived a “new order,” that we would be something new to the world, not built on cronyism, corruption and tyranny, but something fresh and far better; a Republic based on Fairness and Charity. A new style of government, built on the wishes of the people. The kind of place where “the last shall be first.”

And it all started as a direct rebellion against an egregious tax code. One flag they fought under screamed “Don’t Tread on Me!” Pretty ironic, looking at the America the Liberals would fashion for us, as we argue whether some should be taxed as much as 50% or more of their income.

Tea Partiers may wisely recognize their messenger in Herman Cain. It is too bad his racial identity may make him an irresistible choice, but since the Democrats have played the race card for decades, only to betray that trust, at least it will happen just in time to right the ship and return America to her great mission. And I believe that Herman Cain can and will do his part to do that. Black or not. And, almost as important, this will give blacks another chance, and a real leader for their history, at this critical juncture when many of them are probably disillusioned with politics.

Perhaps Cain is the only qualified man running, in these times such as they are; he was born in this racist country and worked his way to the top, against all odds, and has proven the ideals we cherish are not only good but true, and done it without malice or a generous foreign exchange program or the Teamsters or the Chicago Underworld. He has done it without the privilege of race or birthright or political intrigue. He knows how to survive and prosper the old fashioned way… he has earned what he has, and there are few in Washington that can make that claim, and that is why they have engineered such a colossal economic debacle. Washington has fallen and it cannot get up. Cain has risen to the top, because he truly knows how to effectively spread the wealth... by hard work, investment, and hiring lots of people with your profits.

Perhaps qualifications for the Presidency should be topped with traits such as professional performance, responsible stewardship, respect for God and the Electorate, and of course, the ability to add and subtract.

We will take a look next week at how this came about, that Democrats so effectively garnered the black vote for so many decades. It was a slick maneuver, which has never been fully appreciated. In fact blacks have been shamelessly manipulated and lied to and used for political gain around ninety years, by men who never cared about them, but learned how to bargain for their allegiance.

And Herman Cain could change all of that…

Because he is black. So be it.

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