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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Those clouds promised rain... and they delivered.

When the weathermen and weatherwomen, the "whether"people, forecasted 30% - 40% chance of rain yesterday and today, it seemed like another empty threat we are so used to, when the chance of rain is dangled out like bait, as we watch the tube for hope. A light sprinkle yesterday morning seemed to be all we might get, as the fires continued to devour our forest, at about an acre a bite. At the end of the day, a total of over five thousand acres had been burned beyond recognition.

Then, early this morning, God in His Grace allowed the rain to fall. Although the fires were still hot and working towards a couple of Plantersville subdivisions, our hopes have risen, as each inch of rain saturates the ground. At least it will slow the fires down, if not obliterate most of them completely. Friends of mine posted their intentions on facebook to return to their homes, as some road blockades have been lifted. As of this morning, their home in Shadow Lake subdivision had been spared.

Perhaps the arrival of re-enforcements and the cooling of temperatures will add to the mix, and God will grant the firefighters a victory... today!

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