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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

third day

Third days have special significance to Christians. Perhaps the Lord will provide a good rain on this day and squelch the fires that have ravaged the south end of Grimes County... and other counties that have suffered so much from the recent fires.

I made a circuitous route on Tuesday morning all around the affected areas in Grimes County. First of all, you have to know the Media never saw a disaster it did not love. And typically, the Media has not provided good information and instead inflamed fear and stress over this event. It would be nice if they just told you what has actually happened, instead of leaving such vague impressions, or downright misinformation.

Still there, and GREEN, were the King's Orchard, Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Plantersville, and hundreds of homes west of there along Cedar, Clarke, and Lone Star Roads. Still there and unscathed was the commercial businesses along HWY 105, and still there was the patch of bluebells on the rolling hills near Yarboro.

Still, the battle continues, and the results are not clear, around Shadow Lake, Pinebrook, the very small town of Stoneham and the forest south and west of there. So far not much fire has crossed the railroad tracks that parallel HWY 105. A helicpopter was scouting around the area and can be seen in one of the photos above. But an encouraging sign were the big red dozers pulling out of the Yarboro area as I drove onto County Rd 306, where yesterday they were beginning to face off the fire near the Lawridge Ranch...

So far, the rumor mill has been treacherous, and facts less available, as all kinds of nonsense has been repeated. A visit to the Navasota High School last night found little or no disaster, or disaster refugees looking for shelter. Most evacuees, (supposedly some 1800 of them!) had better places to go... probably to neighbor's homes. Many houses were reported ot have been lost, and then were found in tact.

More importantly, many homes were unexplainably spared, unless you give prayer to God the credit. One home, fervently prayed for but sure to be lost, was found completely untouched, surrounded by homes left in ashes.

We will be telling and relishing in such stories for a long time to come.

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