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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Warmest Christmas Wishes!

Although I sold my studio in Anderson, I still love to revisit it, and am grateful for my photos of it. Built around 1840, the old Greek Revival house was one of the oldest in Grimes County. The little fireplace kept me busy chopping wood, and when I ran for City Council in Navasota, I knew I had bigger fish to fry. I left behind my wild cats, backyard deer, wild garlic, walnut trees and the panoramic view to focus on a town that enticed me back, and through the charms of the County Judge, to seek public office. I look back now, and so much has happened, and I wonder if I turned left when I should have gone straight ahead.

Whatever, the little idyllic studio was just for a short season in my life. I miss decorating it for Christmas... but now I have a big store in downtown Navasota to play with. Everybody has a strange mix of bitter-sweet memories this time of year. All of us hunger for some time in the past when we had the time to enjoy the seasons, the holidays, chopping wood for the fire. I spent so many days piddling around in that old house, my wife should have shot me. But this year has taught me the value of seeking, even dilgently, peace of mind. Sometimes piddling around in an old house and petting cats is just what the doctor would order.

It is my wish for all of you that you find that warm cozy place this Holiday Season, and stay there, however long it takes, until your soul can come up for air.

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