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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another lifelong project...

Years ago I found this very old photo in a Bryan, Texas antique shop. There were also other old photos that had familiar looks... that might have been the Mastersons and the Daltons. It appeared to have been the collection, unfortunately scrambled, of some Texas lawman in the past who might have collected these. I have spent countless hours trying to authenticate these photographs... of course if I could, they would be worth a lot.

This one I believe is the Wild Bunch. Left to right, Isom dart, Butch Cassidy, unknown child, Kid Curry, unknown old cowboy, and the Kid's old flame, Annie Rogers. I have included a comparison photo below for your consideration. Recently I found a blog by a possible relative of the infamous badlady, and it reminded me of yet another life long project that I need to bring to closure. So put me out of my misery... Es posible? If you click on the pics, they get much bigger!

So... what do you guys think? 50% chance? 10%?

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