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Saturday, September 25, 2010

words about songs

Words about songs are about as silly as words about food or sculpture or anything that affects the senses. They are so lame compared to their subjects. In fact sometimes they can really fail their intent, even take away from the moment. All of my carrying on about the fabulous showcase of talent at the Corner Cafe in Navasota has failed to do justice to the entertainers who have been playing there for the past year. And it has failed to bring in any more music lovers to the venue. I'm not sure what it would take, to get people to attend this excellent series of performances.

So I am going to write the next review for myself. As a record. To remind myself of the experience. Several of my comments about these artists have gone on to be used by them in their promotional materials. They seem to appreciate what I say. But these reviews are not intended to be advertisements for the Corner. They are appraisals of the music that flows through our town. It just happens to be amazingly good. So I'll keep on stringing words together, as ineffective as they are...

But understand dear readers, if there any out there, beside Phil, that I am not just raving about whoever comes, just because they came. I do not give out blue ribbons to any second rate artists whenever I judge an art show. The same applies here. Blue ribbons are for excellence. And then sometimnes, there is even a BEST OF SHOW...

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