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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cari Quoyeser: babes in boyland

Cari and her band win the Best of Show. And we've seen some great stuff in the past year. I have only one way to explain how I decided this. Almost immediately, as soon as these rock monsters began to play, it was obvious from everybody's smiles. We could not control our response. My heart smiled. My ears smiled. It was pure joy. It never stopped.

Cari Quoyeser (Koizer?) took gentle command of the room, giving out some stunning art for a young woman her age (20?). Backed up by Rebecca Laird (18?) on her bad little ass lead guitar, Quoyeser gave a performance that will someday make her a household name. She is a natural entertainer, with rock star pipes and original songs that sound like classics that you must have somehow missed. Rebecca Laird effortlessly broadcasts mature, even thrilling blues-rock guitar as if she is sweetly weaving macrame. She is just a sweet little girl... a child! But both of these young women brandish shocking musical skill as they serve up a barrage of choice cuts.

The lucky dudes on bass and drums behind them smirk like two cats dining on tasty canaries. They sound tight and yet spontaneous, even though they have only been together a few months. Not only can these kids play, but they are real good looking young people. The girls are a teen-age dream. Quoyeser has a beautiful, expressive face that will torment photographers. She was made to do what she does, and she has a found a worthy band.

This band has it all. I've never seen such art flowing out of such youth. I expect great things out of Cari Quoyeser, and her band. Now I will stop my rant, just short I hope, of shameless worship...


Anonymous said...
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Russell Cushman said...
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Chrisq said...

If there is another good music venue in Navasota, I think she would love to come back.

Chris Quoyeser
(her father)