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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The way the ball bouces...

Well, perhaps the Rattlers were finally outcoached and even rattled a bit Friday night, nobody seemed to be truly composed, as Cameron came in and stole their show. Such a strange turn of events, a really strange game, where both teams made their first touchdowns with their Defense. Navasota fell behind 8-0 in the first 10 seconds of the game, as Cameron stripped the ball on the opening kickoff and ran it in for a touchdown, then had the cajones to go for and get the two point conversion!

Both teams tried stupid tricks that did not work, trying to get an advantage. Navasota finally pulled ahead in the second quarter, making 22 unanswered points, and then... just got shut down. The second Half Cameron came roaring back, and dominated the game. Not a fitting game for such a team as our 13th ranked Rattlers, who started out the season making fairly few mistakes, turnovers, or penalties.

Still the Rattlers are fun to watch, but just like the game with Caldwell, Friday they were more like watching little league. It's hard to say what went wrong. Lost concentration... fragile confidence, perhaps too predictable a strategy. And Cameron came to steal this game if they could. They were smaller, less talented... but they had a disciplined plan and executed it. And the Rattlers were just not in the same kind of game. They were just outcoached.

They are after all, kids.

I was afraid all hopes of making the playoffs were dashed... but perhaps there will be a miracle, if we beat Madisonville we are still in the running I'm told.. If not, it has sure been a fun season anyway.

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