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Friday, November 11, 2016

The First Bag of Deplorable.

Normally I try to stay out of political discussions. And I enter this public fray only to try to encourage those who are afraid of President-elect Donald Trump... to not be.

First of all let me share a very personal moment. When President Obama was elected, I remember visiting with my father, very ill at the time, once a huge political activist, (both Democrat and Republican) and telling him my disappointment in the election results. I felt Obama did not have the experience or the leadership qualities to lead our country out of our financial or military mess. My father never hesitated... he said “I think you will be surprised... I think he may turn out to be a pretty good president.” Smiling, he went on to explain that Clinton had been a much better president than we (as Republicans) wanted to give him credit for... and Obama might surprise a lot of people.

My point is that many so-called “racist haters,” Republicans, were willing to give the man the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. The fact that he was black was immaterial. I am serious. He won the election, and he had only to prove himself. I feel that my father represented most voters, because that is what Americans do. We fight hard for what we believe- then we support the results of the system. But the system has gotten uglier and uglier for decades...

The bag in the photo is a souvenir of my childhood. In 1964 my father took us to “volunteer” to work in Barry Goldwater headquarters in Houston to help get him elected as president. We worked hard for him. I remember licking stamps and listening over the radio to Ronald Reagan nominate him at the Republican National Convention. Reagan stirred my ten-year old soul. I tear up just thinking about it. Goldwater was a pretty boring guy, and I could not wait for then Governor Ronald Reagan to run for president!

Barry Goldwater was a distinguished Senator from Arizona. He was a man with an excellent record and highly respected by both parties. But President Johnson's campaign made a despicable TV commercial. It showed a little girl out picking flowers on a spring day, and then BOOOM... she was blown up by an Atom bomb. The world as we knew it suddenly came to an end... NOTHING like this had ever been seen on national network television.

The Democrats said that this might happen if Barry Goldwater was elected. We were all going to die! This strategy worked and they have been doing this ever since. Since then their commercials have shown all kinds of monstrous expectations from Republicans, including pushing helpless people in wheel chairs off of a cliff... Today they have young people stirred up with many outrageous accusations about Republicans, now led by Donald Trump, as if they are all maddened war-mongers who hate everyone who is not male or white or Christian. Don't let them make you a hater, who judges and persecutes people because they disagree with your political agenda. Ironically, it is Democrat extremists out beating people right now because of their beliefs...!!! The epitome of intolerance! The Democrat party ruined Barry Goldwater, and they have now almost ruined our country with their ruthless propaganda. Our country is mired in the worst class and race tension I have seen in my life.

Even Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest Americans and a stanch Clinton backer, has said that Trump will not have the kind of negative impact which drives so much fear in Hillary Clinton's supporters. Like my father was about Obama, he is willing to give Trump a chance. He understands the damage that could come from youthful over-reaction. These are young people doing what many jobless, disenchanted young people choose to do... act out their anger and frustration. But almost everything they are doing is either against the law or against civilized society... pure anarchy with a flimsy excuse.

Many of us on the Conservative side have endured President Obama, not liking his politics or his effects on this country... but we never acted out in anger, never called anybody names... I have even defended him at church because he was our president, and we are taught in the Bible to “honor the King.” The real intolerance, hatred and prejudice is coming from where it has come from all of my life... inspired by ruthless politicians who say anything to win and have no conscience about what they stir up in the process.

Donald Trump was not my first choice, but he will emulate Bush and have the most inclusive cabinet in history. He will be the most effective president in decades. He will do the most ever for the underprivileged and Veterans and yes, Blacks and (American) Hispanics. WHY? Because he is a problem solver, an experienced achiever, who is accustomed to having to deliver the goods... who does not enjoy the benefit of the doubt... (mostly due to his own misbehavior and democratic fear-mongering). He will eventually prove himself, and that will be the end of the Liberal stranglehold on this country. And that is why Harry Reid and others will relentlessly continue their uncharitable partisan attacks. They are going down... this time for good. Conservative Americans are tired of being called names, tired of the Democrats rallying votes by impugning our intelligence and humanity.

Get smart, see through this class manipulation. STAND DOWN, watch and listen as Pence and Dr. Carson and others join the most effective Cabinet in history... and maybe you will begin to understand that we are not “deplorable” haters or racist or whatever, and in fact we love YOU and this country and only want the best for all of us... and we know how to get it done!

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