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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nailing Jesus and Christmas- with Science

You would think in two thousand years, skeptics could have demolished this popular yet outrageous story... instead it has changed the the world, inspired millions, and is now supported and fortified, not only with Genealogy, but Astronomy, Astrology and Archaeology. (Not to mention hundreds of prophecies in the Old Testament). Today it is still where it should be, I believe where God would have it, right in the center of controversy, as cynics, skeptics and infidels stubbornly reject it.

I saw on the Science Channel where they found Caiaphas' grave and the stone box containing his bones. He was the pragmatic High Priest who masterminded the illegal execution of Jesus. In the dusty box researchers found two ancient, bent and corroded nails... which they immediately deep-sixed, separating them from the historic ossuary. They did not know... or want to know the significance of the nails. Like Caiaphas, whose bones they sorted, they did not want them to be of earthly or spiritual significance. Still, Caiaphas was so identified with these nails that his loved ones placed them in his little stone coffin, to rest and mingle with his remains forever. As if, for better or worse, they wanted to make sure Caiaphas met his Maker with them in his possession; Proof of his wisdom, or his eternal damnation.

Caiaphas was willing to stake his eternal destination on the rightness of destroying Jesus and his earthly ministry. Even after the profuse rumors of miracles, and Jesus' resurrection and the inspiration of a new religion... which had caught on among Jew and Gentile... he could not be persuaded. If they were crucifixion nails... and they were, he obviously thought they were irresistible souvenirs of his notorious career... Denying them their possible significance, he took the evidence of them to his grave. Over the centuries, how many Christians have wondered what might have happened to relics just like these, of Jesus of Nazareth? Caiaphas not only sought to kill Jesus, but to obliterate his legacy. In doing so, he gave science much more evidence, in our time, of the ruthlessness and pride with which he executed his duties.

Later another researcher learned of the misplaced Caiaphas nails... found them at a local university, and established they were THE nails, and that they were exactly the kind of nail used in crucifixion, AND found traces of human bone and cloth on them. The nails and the ossuary shared the same exact ancient sediments which served to connect them like DNA. The sudden implications of biased, unprofessional, malicious behavior, then and now, were mind-boggling. The science proving it is irrefutable. Raw hatred was at the bottom of all of it.

It is not just poetic justice... but Providential guidance, that has made modern science the most objective and effective advocate of God, his Son, and their story. Today people have to look past much more evidence than Caiaphas did, to ignore and ridicule, or try to destroy Jesus... as God proves that for some... there will never be enough evidence to humble and change them. And some day, tragically, they too will have their own “nails” in their own coffin... to meet their Maker with.

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