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Sunday, September 13, 2015

AN UNWANTED DEJA VU: Signing Off... Moving On... Looking UP

 The "Children of God" were an attractive bunch of hippies... inspired by a twisted "prophet" who led them astray- all around the world- and headed for hell.

The first time I remember being stunned by end of the world scenarios was when I chanced upon some of the notorious “Children of God” on the TCU campus back in 1973. I was a freshman and wet behind the ears and was amazed at so many weird young people confidently ready to kiss the world, as we knew it, good bye. I was just starting my adult life, and was not ready to accept such pessimistic outlooks. I read their wonderfully illustrated tracts and then tossed them on a heap of dorm room curiosities that ended up in the trash can.
Actress Rose McGowan's parents were early converts to the "Children of God," who were taught that the U. S. was the "Whore of Babylon."

Only later did their founder, David Berg emerge as a wolf in sheep's clothing. They were not yet instructing their female disciples to use sex to attract men into the cult... When Berg's apocalyptic scenarios began to turn people off, he began to offer the best and oldest sales tool known to man: Recreational sex. I fell out with his ideas very quickly but probably for the wrong reasons... I still thought America could pull out of her nosedive.

Sex was suggested as a great tool to attract converts into the Children of God.

It felt good to dismiss such moronic stuff, like the demonization of the United States, the so-called “Whore of Babylon,” the predictions of great betrayals of Israel, and the conjecture that some world leader was alive then who would eventually emerge as the Anti-Christ. Their would-be prophet named “Moses David,” later exposed as David Berg, turned out to be a seriously messed up person and of course, a child molester. His diabolic theological errors led to a falling away, and even his artist, Daniel McGowan, fled with his children after being asked to illustrate a pamphlet encouraging child molestation and incest.

 Artist Daniel McGowan had his moment of truth... a profound "Come to Jesus meeting" which saved his children from a lifetime of sexual slavery. Thank God he made the right choice...
Berg insisted the Anti-Christ was Libya's General Qaddafi. The main reason was that Berg surmised that the Anti-Christ would probably be Muslim and come from Africa... a rising continent, directly connected to the Middle East, and this last Anti-Christ would be young and attractive and be able to unify the world behind him... At the time Qaddafi was a handsome young warrior... and the European economy was organizing.  He was a promising choice to combine Europe with the Middle East to lead a confederation against Israel... and backed by the Russians his powerful forces would meet Israel at Armageddon. There the Western World and Russia and China would all blow each other up, right before Jesus came and wiped them all off of the face of the earth. And yet Israel would survive. God has promised.

We were warned by David Berg that the signal for the consummation of all of these prophecies would be simple... when the Catholic Pope joined forces with the Anti-Christ... which sounded pretty preposterous.

Then I lived my life. I found comfort in all those warnings in the New Testament about false teachers... false prophets... and studied my behind off.  I have resisted the doom-sayers. But with all of the developments (PLEASE see the You Tube videos by Jonathan Cahn) lately, there is no more place to rest my denials.

It has been over forty years since those outrageous religious tracts disturbed my youthful bliss. And now I find myself wishing I could compare "Moses David's" observations and expectations with my own today. The problem is David Berg was about 90% right about his end-time predictions... or very close.  That I find more disturbing now than I found his tracts then. I think it is possible that Berg had stumbled onto some nuggets of actual spiritual wisdom, perhaps from the Forces of Darkness who would have loved to have made fools out well-meaning young Christians. But David Berg was unprepared to face the barrage of temptation he invited into his life when presuming to become the prophet of doom based on Biblical prophesy. 

 David Berg poses with his "flirty fishers."

The devil went to work and in short order absolutely destroyed Berg's life and his credibility. The would-be prophet fell into Solomon's mental traps of fatalism and sexual indulgence. Berg turned out to be a sexual libertine, with few sexual boundaries, and thus not a follower of Christ, a flaming false prophet, but as in many cases a false prophet gains a following by subtly mixing some of his own agenda with truth... And now many of the truths he had discovered in the 1970's may be finally surfacing, but without Qaddafi.

In the coming days you will see the culmination of astounding realignments as nations and tribes and governments strangely fall into a remarkable alliance that will make Moses David's 1970's predictions look like child's play. 

I am afraid “this it it.”

I will not be blogging much anymore... my wonderful searching for beauty and truth and wisdom from our art and history is pretty much done. There are much more important ways to spend my precious time. We are all going on a great adventure, and yes, some will perish. Those of us who know our Lord and hear his voice will face it with wonder and fascination. The rest not so much.

Some of us have been paying attention to the news the media has protected you from. You will know soon enough. The many scandals in the news have been a convenient distraction while American forces have been shutting down radical Islam around the world. And American diplomats, with the aid of the Vatican, have been forging deals with Islamic leaders in every corner of the earth... those who are wise enough to deal... and world peace has been the objective... and along with it, major re-alignments of the world powers and the solidification of a world economy and most of all, a functioning New World Order.

In just a few days the Pope will meet with the President. He will speak to our Congress. He will also speak to the United Nations. Already, in a rare foreshadowing, the flags of Palestine and the Vatican fly over the U.N. The outrageous deal between the U. S. and  Iran is assured as the Republicans have yielded to the President like tamed tigers in a behind-the-scenes circus. They will do whatever to get their nibbles, out of our sight and far from our understanding.

AND, for the first time in ages, Israel will be left entirely on its own. All the pleadings of Prime Minister Netanyahu have been ignored. As David Berg seemed to know... We would eventually betray God's people. Americans are helpless to stop this colossal betrayal and shifting of world alliances. Much like the re-establishment of the State of Israel, it will be done in the blink of an eye. And not without persuasive rationale. The Pope is already being praised as a world unifier... as the refugee crisis in Europe cries for leadership and compassion. The stage is set.

 [UPDATE: (9-21-15) The ultimate symbol of Naziism and anti-Zionism , the German monolith Volkswagon saw its stocks plummet this morning after they were exposed for systematic cheating.]

And that is only the beginning, and if the recent swift alignment of historical circumstances are any indication, the rest will happen pretty fast... Very fast I think, unless God has some purpose in watching the world slowly devolving into hell... But eventually a shooting war will be unavoidable. Israel will not just helplessly stand by and watch, and after she is abandoned, she will be like a snake in a corner.  Somebody will blow up the Islamic Mosque in Jerusalem where the Jews want to rebuild their temple... (the main one in Mecca just got stepped on by a falling construction crane and hundreds were killed or hurt) and we will be off to the races. You can read all about what will happen next in the Book of Revelation.

Meanwhile I am trying to convert what I own into useful commodities... most of what we have and focus on today will be useless in the world to come.

I FEAR the United States will be reduced to a secondary player in world events... Some believe it will be dissolved. One supposed prophetess predicts a great tsunami will flood and destroy much of the North American continent. [Update: Swift moving hurricanes dumped record amounts of rain on the east coast, Texas] Most Christians who are paying attention agree with Jonathan Cahn that God must punish the United States for the same reasons that He did Israel two millennium ago... for leading the world in debauchery... misrepresenting HIM, and taking His name in vain. God has never tolerated that. 

“In God we Trust” is just ink on a declining dollar, now despised around the planet. Way back when we (the U. S.) went Liberal (or “Progressive”), we would have been better off to have claimed ourselves to be a pagan country... officially... pretty much as the President has suggested... not a “Christian” country... because in our present national condition, that invites sure Judgment; claiming to be a Christian country and then being lukewarm, or worse, the antithesis of it, even taking His name in vain, is an abomination to our All-Powerful God... He is very concerned about his reputation. About the authenticity of his messengers. About who or what his people worship.

Even God admits in His Ten Commandments, that He is a jealous God.

Our sin, insolence and lack of repentance has to be dealt with because we were once devoted to Him. We wrote it in to our original documents. We were once the light shining on the hill.  Like the people of Israel, He was once “our God and we were His people.” 

A good Father corrects His children. These same sins, idolatry, disobedience, and misrepresenting Gods message to his children and the world... were why Moses never saw the Promised Land... why no stone was left un-turned in Jerusalem after the official and popularly mandated rejection and crucifixion of Christ. Why David Berg was reduced to a Hollywood footnote. God's people cannot act on their own, make up our own standards of righteousness, and then claim God's favor or protection. God will not be mocked. Ever stiff-necked, the Jews were dispersed for two thousand years. God will correct his wayward children. He will destroy His enemies. 

The lines are being drawn right now. Some will return to God, others will shake their fists at him.

It has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to bring my passions and talents to you on this and my other blogs. They will be here for awhile.. until someday the devils of the Internet take them off as they hate the things these blogs represent. I will be very busy or... maybe, hopefully, long gone... and so will this wonderful country... 

and freedom, 

and the hope of this earth. 

Of course I would love it if I was completely wrong about all of this... And go ahead and call me crazy... But my hope being in Christ, the risen Savior of the World... I anticipate some day soon Jesus will come back and claim his own... God Bless Him!

Come Lord Jesus!

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