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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Technolution and a Perfect World.

Unfortunately, kids learn to cope with life with the tools we provide them.

The Technolution. That’s my term for what we are experiencing today, so-called modern solutions, with quantum leaps in our culture and technology, introducing a revolution of inter-related ideas, inventions, and lifestyles.

And the Technolution has stolen our children.

It seemed like a good thing, as it gave them access to infinite information, instantaneous entertainment, thrilling games and intellectual advancement. We watched and approved as they chose to sit still and be good, and focused on the fledgling Technolution, rather than go outside and raise hell. One day they cared for little else. We told ourselves they were preparing for the world of tomorrow.

Nobody could have guessed the ramifications of the Technolution, since there had never been one like this. We told ourselves that technology was just like life in general, there was good and bad. It would balance itself out.

Now we know better. Our children only know and love the Technolution. And we and they are screwed.

But maybe we can save a few. If you are a millennial, understand that the reason I write is the extreme sense of loss I feel, watching your generation lay down for the slaughter. You have no idea what I am talking about. You will some day.

The Technolution is just man’s most recent invention for self-destruction. We have had numerous such debacles in our history before. Massive, powerful cultures have once reigned on the earth, only to fail and leave barely a trace. And why?

Man invents, then he indulges in his invention and then he enjoys the profits from it. Then he burns up like a pine needle. In every great, world-dominating culture, it was success that brought about the arrogance and narcissism which led to ultimate failure.

Here is how it has gone down, every single time:

One of the first cultures, long before the Bible had been written, which barely has a name it is so far back in our past, found itself at a perfect crossroads of exchange of goods and ideas, in the Indus valley. It became the place where traders met to buy and sell the latest technology: carpentry, pottery, silkworm farming, cattle and horse breeding… and food producers came from all over and together they built the richest, most beautiful, perhaps the most perfect society man had ever seen. They had almost no war. There was plenty for everyone. They needed very little art, because life was art. Everyone had plenty. All was well. And all the prosperity produced a huge cultural revolution… in something never before experienced; Leisure time.

But soon, after that happened, the people in this society decided things could be even better. With life so perfect, they became intolerant of imperfection. They began to dislike work, or trouble, or unpleasantness. The workers became lazy and having plenty, ignored the fields and workshops. The rich began to travel to visit new lands, and find more cool stuff to buy. The children refused to learn the trades of their fathers. They liked to hang out at the local tavern and sing and drink wine and have sex with their friends.

Remember, this was pre-Bible.

Nobody thought about the future. It seemed to take care of itself, or at least it always had. Everybody focused on themselves for a change. Marriages began to break up. Men were unfaithful to their wives, divorced women were lonely, and made sex into a toy to win attention and gifts. Soon they were trading sex for goods. The children of these malcontents were even more revolutionary. They saw no reason for permanent sexual partnerships. They saw no reason to have any more children, and take away from the fun they were having; Let somebody else do that.

One thing led to another, and as people are, and have always been, they created a perfect solution.

The children brought in less-fortunate laborers from other, less prosperous regions. They found a way to get the work done, without having to work. They could hang out at the tavern, while the little Hindu guy watched the sheep, milked the cow and fed the pigs.

The richest people, who had travelled around, found marvelous products in far-away lands. They purchased these and brought them home. Many of these products were inferior, but they were cheap and now everyone could abandon the workshops and hang out at the tavern, sing and drink wine and have sex with their friends.

This behavior was of great concern to the old people, who saw a gradual breakdown in the social structure, beginning with the major modifications in their customs and beliefs. Popular opinions shifted with the new lifestyles, and wrongs became right.

But with all that sex, and nobody working, there was soon a population explosion, and a food shortage. Babies would be the ruin of the country, with all the mouths to feed, and the time it took to nurse and raise them. Nobody wanted to do that. Then certain people suggested that if there was a god, she would like it if sometimes people sacrificed a human being to her. Or him, whichever. Early cultures were matriarchal and worshipped gods and goddesses.

Anyway the people accepted this logic, and began to thin their families this way, and they made their bloodthirsty god very happy. Others thought this was cruel, to kill babies, so they avoided babies altogether. From now on, men would have sex with men, and women with women. This would allow for population control, stable family economies, and unlimited sex for the men, which made them very happy as well.

Soon this land of prosperity was very peaceful and serene. Everyone was either sleeping, or singing songs, or reciting poetry, or resting, or playing games, or napping, or having sex. The land enjoyed a collective confidence in the status-quo. Meanwhile the workers in the fields made a good crop.

Nobody was paying attention, but while the people indulged themselves in every whim, the laborers were establishing themselves. They built homes, purchased farm equipment, got married, and raised children.

Lots of them. And in short time, the rich, successful upper class had become a lethargic, unmotivated MINORITY of bottom feeders. They were arrogant and condescending, and could never imagine anything but what they had always known. And decadence was swift and irreversible.

Suddenly, the original culture found themselves unessential, unproductive, soft and basically expendable. And the imported workers, they were in total control of the country. They took over the whole economy as their supervisors were afraid of them, and the overwhelming, hungry, capable working class inundated the once prosperous land, and made it their own.

The elites; the thinkers and traders and poets and prostitutes and homosexuals and entertainers and rich people just stood in amazement. It happened so fast… they never thought their selfish choices would have come to this.

Lack of discipline and not having children, had devastating effects on the stability of the mother culture. It had failed to replace itself. It was a dead-end society.

Over the next few years, many of the elites gave up on elitism, leisure lifestyle and homosexuality and married into the imported worker’s families, saving themselves by amalgamation. But many more left on boats, to migrate west to lands where they could take what they could and try to re-establish themselves in a more hospitable place.

And strangely, over a few centuries this amazing culture, known today by archaeologists as the Pan or Harrapan civilization completely disappeared. Of course, this is my interpretation, given human proclivities, and my study of ancient civilizations.

And that subsequent migration was the beginning of Samaria and Babylon and Egypt. And they all did the very same thing. Many people do not accept the Bible as a reliable historical document, but if nothing else, the Jewish Torah and its stories about Noah’s Ark and Abraham are haunting proof that these elite, narcissistic, highly homosexual societies have existed and been feared for three thousand years, and for very practical reasons.

IF one cares about survival, their children or their legacy. If one cares about its own race.

In every case, from Egypt, to Babylon, to Greece to Rome, and even to even Israel, the sudden blossoming of unprecedented prosperity and leisure time, and the abandonment of traditional concepts of right and wrong, AKA moral absolutes, led to utter destruction.

And America is doing it now. But the big difference, is there is no place else to go. As the Eagles song, “Grand Design” says, “we have got to make it here!”

Many of you have heard these histories and parallels before, and might be tired of them. But I figured, why not take a shot. If this generation was entertained by Abraham Lincoln- VAMPIRE SLAYER, IT MIGHT CONSIDER ANYTHING.

Even the truth.



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