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Monday, June 3, 2013

BLUEBONNETS IN JUNE! At the McMullen Ranch, near Whitehall, Texas

Unbelievable. It's true. Although most of the Texas state flowers have gone to seed, they can still be found in bloom, as late this year as I have ever seen. And that is after coming out in late February, as early as I have ever seen. It has been unseasonably wet and  cool and pleasant so far this spring.
Here on the McMullen Ranch in Grimes County, the bluebonnets are allowed to let their seed hulls mature before mowing. That is the way it has to be done to preserve these wonderful flowers.
Galardia, or "firewheels" are profuse this year.
The scent of horsemint is as distinct as the salt air of the coast. When I get a whiff of it, I know I am home.
I think these are called Mexican hats. Anyway a showy type of cone flower.
This one is new to me.. have to look it up. Very rare and very lovely.
I'm guessing muskmelon... or some kind of wild squash! This stuff is starting to go crazy. With its geography and ideal soil, Grimes County has unsurpassed diversity in flora and fauna.

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Ricky Bush said...

Must be all that rain that y'all have had versus what I've been getting.