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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A futile search for a lawman's badge.

When I began to research my sculpture of Marshal Frank Hamer, I soon began to familiarize myself with his guns, clothes, and the various Texas Ranger badges he might have worn. It took months to find the information. In fact it found me.

Through the generous help of new found friends, I was able to look upon pictures of his essential tools of his trade...

Much of it was pictured in auction catalogs, where his possessions fetched top prices.
Perhaps his first Texas Ranger badge, circa 1913.
It was Frank Hamer Jr. who personally authenticated these artifacts.
Hamer's brass badge up until around 1917.
Frank Hamer also served as a United States Prohibition Agent. And he was really good at it.
 Captain Hamer's Ranger badge from around 1930.

It was 1913 when Hamer returned to Navasota to serve for a brief stint under his former Deputy, and fellow Texas Ranger, M. E. Bailey, when a local attorney, Conlaw Spann presented this Colt 45 revolver to him. He loved the gun, and named it "Old Lucky." He is said to have carried it with him during his whole career.
Frank Hamer's holster, wallet badge and Old Lucky.
The one thing I never found, and needed the most, was his City Marshal's badge...

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2ndtexascav said...

I was fortunate to aquire four of former ranger Jack Dean's badges; two private, one sergeant, and one captain. All came together,and with provenance. One thing all had in common; they were dapped. The process used in stamping these badges results in the center star being "humped up" at a little different curve than the edge. The badges came from different jewelers/suppliers over the ranger's career. A prospective buyer can eliminate many later badges by just viewing them from the side. If the curve is the same, it probably isn't real. Good blog by the way.