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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Perfect Blog

Texas peaches are outstanding this year, and well worth the drive.

You obviously like to read, and I know you love to eat, so here is the perfect blog.  A healthy tip, the perfect length, about the perfect food. And near perfect insight about how and where to get it. After several years of trial and error, you have the benefit of all my research. I of course got to eat the peaches...

Texas Peaches. I’m talkin’ TEXAS PEACHES! They are the juiciest, sweetest tasting, most beautiful to behold this year (2012). These heavenly morsels have no relation to the styrofoam orbs you get at the grocery store. And they are available longer than the local grocer would have you believe.  Texas peaches are in season from mid -June  through August. We’ve tried the Hill Country peaches but it was dry out there and they were disappointing. But I have purchased several bags of east Texas peaches and have found them… perfectly delectable.
In fact, I have become somewhat of a peach aficionado...  a peach addict if that is possible. Once I discovered the most perfect food, that is a juicy, ice cold, sun-ripened Texas peach, I have been in search of them, a slave to them wherever and whenever they are in season. This is my confession. If you have a similar fixation, or want one, this perfect blog is written for you.

Where: Cooper Farms, Fairfield Texas, right on Interstate 45, evenly between Dallas and Houston. Cooper Farms sends out trucks to distribute their fine produce all the way down to Conroe. You can sometimes find them at Madisonville, or Centerville, but they only run the truck stands on certain days, like Thur-Sat... better call them and make sure.  (They have a website) I have found the peaches in Bryan at The Farm Patch, on Old College, and in the early season I think they may show up at Di Irio's in Hempstead.
But here is the bad news. They depend on student help to man the trucks in the summer, when the peaches are in peak. But the help runs out about the same time the peaches do.  After the end of July, you almost have to go to them to get the fix. They do run a few trucks but they are even less reliable. You have to call to make sure they are coming to a location near you. But they are worth the drive…

So if you NEED them like I do, their main fruit outlet is a very nice store in Fairfield that also features Texas grown produce and other delicious Texas treats like sugar & cinnamon covered pecans, fresh grown blueberries and all kinds of jellies and oh yeah, fantastic PEACH fried pies.

The good news is that there are several varieties of peaches. And some are just now in their peak. Nature saves the best for last. The ones at the stand now are huge, ripe and outstanding in flavor. They will be available through Labor Day, I am told. Meanwhile I am eating peaches like crazy.

I once did this with cherry tomatoes. Ate them until  they tasted nasty. Couldn’t stand to even look at them.

Until the next year.

(I have a few left at Blues Alley if you need to eat it to beleive it.)

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