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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A CHANGE behind the screen. Egad

Recently Google completely overhauled the functioning systems that I use to create this blog, leaving me to adjust or quit in disgust. I have sort of done a little of both. I hate change, especially to something I like! Oh well. It’s part of the whole computer-everything must evolve every six months- adapt or be left in the dust – change for the sake of change, generation. So I’m back in the back, behind the screen, cussing and spitting, trying to get happy with the new program. Maybe I’ll get there. If not, it’s been a great journey… and thanks for all of your encouraging readership… getting close to 29,000 pages turned! I Wish you could see how they buggered up this thing…

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Jett McFalls said...

I have a ritual I go through every morning as soon as I sit down at my computer...one is checking this blog for new posts. I have been quite disappointed the past several days to open it up and see nothing new. Now I know why!! Thanks for the stories, Russell, and KEEP THEM COMING...