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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Navasota String Band brings bluegrass to the Blues Capital of Texas...WHA?

Navasota Blues Alley teamed up with the Filling Station to sponsor a great line-up of live music on March 9th, and a pretty decent crowd showed up considering the awful weather. Our own Blues Alley Cats opened for the Navasota String Band, which ironically is from Austin. It was a great show and we hope to see both of these bands again… and again… The Cats are maturing rapidly into a very respectable blues cover band, and offered up some sterling versions of She Caught the Katy, Pride and Joy, Little Wing, and much, much more. This band is ready for the road!

The Blues Alley Cats are cookin' with Jet Fuel!

The Navasota String Band is four young men who melt into a bluegrass locomotive the instant they start to play, making one formidable explosion of musical testosterone. They play… with one voice. One powerful voice. Serving up some bluegrass classics and some of their own that ought to be, the band took their name from… the street in Austin where they meet to practice. Our Mayor, Bert Miller, contacted them and invited them to come- and let us decide whether we like them using our name… Not really, but actually, they are quite worthy.

The Navasota String Band... has a friendly, youthful charm, but don't let that fool you.

These guys are not just good, they are fun and energetic and irresistible. And their tight driving sound contradicts their naive appearance. The lead singer has that Mick Jagger intensity, and commands their delicious assault like a young buck in the rut. You know, that eager young buck that trots under your deer stand, eats the grain, dodges your bullet and gets the doe, while you are watching in awe. Such youth and finesse and passion are rare, so we expect big things from this fledgling group.

Hopefully we can bring them back before they get invited for a national tour. But this kind of excellence cannot be contained. Thanks to the mayor for finding them, and bringing them to our humble city… hopefully they found that we are worthy to wear their name!

Navasota Mayor Bert Miller, in the middle, is often the will behind the way as Navasota builds its live music reputation.

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