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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Choice

The Choice, an original acrylic painting by Russell Cushman.

A year ... what is it?

To man 12 increments of time, approximately four weeks each. The measure of our age, our debts and our marriages.

To God, years are but endless waves in an infinite sea. Each has width and breath, and variations, each is full of life, yet each is only a link to the others. They are not important in themselves. A thousand years is a day, a day a thousand years.

We remember good years, bad years, we dread and yearn them as if they have substance. But our hopes and memories would be just as powerful without them. They are merely the pigeon holes we put our attitudes in.

What are years? What is a year?

Another chance to start over. Another chance for hope, love, and maybe even completion.

A year is a door.
An opportunity in a sea of possiblities. For each of us, this coming year will offer an open door... for some adventure designed for us by the Almighty. If only we will step through it.

So for me, saying "Happy New Year" just doesn't cut it.

But for some a year is a game we have played before, and we know the rules.. the possiblities, the probable results. It only offers more of the same... it is merely the passing of time. A measure of our expectations and our disappointments. It is a door, but one that shuts out change, optimism or dreams.

This painting is called "The Choice." Every person gets to make whatever they will out of the door. Everyone, every year, closes the door ... or steps through it.

A long time ago, I resolved to be one of those who steps through the doors I find in my path. I did not want to miss out on a thing. I have no regrets. He has laid down a wonderful path, sometimes one little stepping stone at a time, to more opportunities than I could ever recognize, understand or appreciate. I made my choice.

May your choices in the coming year be blessed, and lead you to fulfillment and serenity, and a greater awareness of His hand in your next 12 increments of time. So Happy STEPPING THROUGH THE DOORS OF GOD-SENT OPPORTUNITIES!

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