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Thursday, November 3, 2011

More on that Internet footprint...

Almost Fourteen THOUSAND page views since it started in late 2009.

Hits from outside the United States are mostly from (in order of popularity) Germany, Russia, Netherlands, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan and China. Also Mexico, India, Brazil, Italy and Australia.

Amazing. Folks, we are being loooooked at. I hope they like what they see.

Most popular blog? The one about Frank Hamer! "Navasota's greatest Texas hero." Once the City Marshal of Navasota, he went on to become one of the most outstanding lawmen ever.

After that, the one recently in October about Clint Black and his family legacy was very popular. The one about the Rett Syndrome fundraiser (Conroe takes the lead) was also very popular.

STRANGELY, one of the most popular blogs was a song (just lyrics) I wrote Called Truth Lies To Me. It's way up there! And a humorous captioned photo called "Boss he says mixin' church goin' with the Cowboy Way..." (Could rurn the American West!) got so many hits it's rediculous. Sort of like viral in my blogosphere.

A blog about Fall in Texas is very thoroughly visited. And Cari Quoyeser (Babes in Boyland) wins the most popular blog about a performing artist. I told yall she was good. In fact I said she was the best we had seen to date. I don't know what those folks were lookin' for, NOBODY LEAVES ANY COMMENTS unless they are disgruntled... but hundreds have found Cari on the Navasota Current. I'm sure they must agree with me or they would not bother.

The most surprising of all though was the blog about my friend Tim Nevaquaya, the Comanche artist. Hundreds of folks have found him here. He just came and got all of his artwork from Blues Alley a few days ago, as it was not selling and he needed it for a show. Somehow people are discovering him and researching his work, and pounding this blog in the process, and neither of us even knew! In the coming year, let's pray those inquiries turn into sales...

As for trends... as you can see the hits are all over the place. All very specific titles, pretty unrelated, let's see, I guess we could list them like this, in order of level of interest:

Texas History: Frank Hamer

Texas Music: Clint Black, Cari Quoyeser

Health & Medicine: Retts Syndrome research fundraiser

Texas Travel/ Nature: Texas Autumn

Humor: Cowboy Churches

Poetry: Truth, Paradoxes

Native American Art: Timothy Tate Nevaquaya

This kind of tells me where I need to go if I want to improve readership. It's all I've got, since about 13,650 of yall never said a word!

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Anonymous said...

13,650 hits (plus this one} sounds like a lot of repeat business to me. No news is good news. Keep up the good work.