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Friday, November 11, 2011

A debt we can never pay...

Today we pay homage to our veterans, recognizing we can never thank them enough... and we celebrate precious time we have with them as family... so in that spirit I post a salute to the vets in my family... most of them gone now.

Although we can never return such a noble gesture, we can do this: we can give them a Country worth fighting for!

The old gentleman in the top hat is my great, great grandfather Basil Cushman, who was a veteran of the War Between the States.

That is my grandfather Ralph B. Cushman Sr., in uniform at a family bonfire, posing with his proud bride and her sisters and their beaus. This was around 1918, during WWI.

My mom Margaret, and dad Ralph B. Cushman Jr., pose together during WWII, my father having just graduated from flight school in Bryan.

The color photo is our most recent family member in the service, in fact the Marines, now home again, Thank the Lord, my nephew Alex Cushman. Here he was just successfully emerging out of boot camp. Those congratulating him are his mother and brother, Linda Julian and Ryan Cushman. Alex recently married and is going to college. We wish him and his wife a wonderful life, after his risking it all for all of us.

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